At the Friends of Shabbona Lake State Park meeting last night, Site Superintendent Kerry Novak asked for volunteers to help rebuild and paint park picnic tables. If you have some free time and would like to help a great cause please call (815) 824 2106 Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 4PM and let them know you would like to volunteer. They will then set up times and dates with you. Thank you in advance!

The following is a list of park needs provided by the park staff.  If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer to help please email friendsofshabbonalake@gmail.com

Play Equipment/Swings

  1. Upgrade
  2. Replace
  3. Repair

Trail Maintenance

  1. Clearing trails of overgrown foliage
  2. Place wood chips
  3. Replace culverts
  4. Place new signage (signs are on-site)

Install new grills

  1. Pour concrete pads & affix grills (grills are on-site)

Flower beds

  1. Weed
  2. Plant
  3. Maintain
  4. Expand beds to new areas

Memorial Benches

  1. Sand
  2. Re-stain
  3. Refurbish borders


  1. Install solar lights at various locations

Bike Racks

  1. Install new bike racks (racks are on-site)


  1. Shower building
  2. Check Station
  3. Wooden guard rails

Birdhouses: Wood Duck & Bluebird

  1. Clean & place new nesting material
  2. Repair/replace damaged or missing houses

Tree Removal/replacement

  1. Remove Ash trees
  2. Plant replacement trees as directed by IDNR Forestry Division

Kishwaukee River State Fish & Wildlife Area

  1. Trail improvement
  2. River access improvement